Tiger Coast Pact

The Tiger Coast Pact (TCP) was a defensive military pact of ten member states, formed in 4550 in response to the growing power of the Southern Alliance and Vitruvian Alliance. It was formed with the central goal of "Unifying the military strength of its member to prevent the incursion of a unified southern force." The fear was that if either alliance consumed the other, the resulting superpower would turn north in a bid to capture the entire region. Every member promised to supply border nations with troops to establish a strong southern front.

Forces were assembled in Fall of 4552 at the outbreak of The Fifth War. Stretching across hundreds of miles of grassland and hills, the front gained the nickname "Bernard's Wall", named for General Bernard Allmac who commanded the forces stationed along the Temare River.

The pact, while diplomatically successful, was ultimately unnecessary, as the Treaty of Achoron ended The Seven Wars before any major military action was taken. It's possible this was because the pact's defenses were formidable enough to deter invasion, but others believe the alliances lacked interest, as the lands on the border posed no threat and are poor in natural resources.

Invasion attempts were made along the border, however these were from Volarheim and the Kingdom of Dellen, neither of which were members of a military alliance. The pact's forces held strong to this invasion, preventing any land from being lost.

Member states