Sylnor is the world proper. It is a world completely unlike our own, built of floating islands suspended over an infinite ocean known as the below. These islands encircle the fount, an eternal geyser which erupts from the ocean and supplies the island with water.


All landmasses in Sylnor are flat disks of land, locked in place hundreds of of meters or more above an infinite ocean. While the dirt and stone that rests on top can be removed or relocated, at the core of each island lies a rigid slab of bedrock.


The five main islands of Sylnor are referred to as "The Central Isles" or sometimes just "Central". While Heidelholm is the largest of all the islands, it is not considered part of Central because of its low population and cultural insignificance. The lower islands (Yarahell and Fairfield) are the "lower isles", while the others are the "upper isles".

The Central Isles are, in order from top to bottom:

The Inner Isles

The smaller islands which are inline with or closer to the fount than centrum are known as "The Inner Isles". The most notable are, in descending order of size:

The Edge

The smaller islands which are further from the fount than centrum are known as "The Edge". The most notable are, in descending order of size,


Given the small size of Sylnor relative to other worlds, its culture is marked by a substantial homogeneity in timekeeping, measurement units, language, currency, and other elements.



While some timekeeping systems exist as historical or cultural artifacts, almost all civilizations have adopted the Farenial calendar as their official calendar for record keeping and legal documents. It is recognized as the international standard for communication.


Given the separation of the islands, transportation between islands has been a concerted focus of the world's inhabitants.