Rock Troll

Rock Troll are a subspecies of troll. Shorter and bulkier than the more common varieties, they make up for it with their intelligence and durability.


Avg. Height 130-150 cm
Avg. Weight 200-260 kg
Avg. Lifespan 250-300 years
Skin Colors Dark Grey, Black
Hair Colors White, None
Eyes Colors Black, Silver, Pale Blue

Rock trolls are stout creatures with physical properties similar to stone. They can use their immense weight to bludgeon creatures with their arms and legs. Despite being living creatures, rock trolls radiate no warmth and are immune to all but the most extreme temperatures.


Favored Climate Cold
Favored Habitat Huts built from stone and wood

As rock trolls sink handily in water, they often stay far away from rivers and lakes. Most live in the tundra.