Deistic Patronage

Deistic patronage is the process by which a deity takes a lesser creature as an acolyte and imbues them with divinity. This relationship can be mutually beneficial, as the acolyte receives a fraction of their patron's divinity and the patron receives the strength of a greater following and a portion of the acolyte's following. However, this relationship can become undesirable for one party if the acolyte becomes too powerful or too weak. If the acolyte becomes too weak, the patron will be giving up a portion of their divinity for little benefit, and the patron may restrict or revoke the acolyte's power entirely. If the acolyte becomes too strong, they will be giving up more divine power to their patron than they are receiving, and they may take it upon themselves to seek a more powerful patron or, if they are autodivinic, to relinquish their sponsor entirely.


Ectodivinic beings are creatures whose celestial power is entirely supplied by an autodivinic. Having no innate power, their strength varies by the level of divinity provided their sponsor, which can vary between acolytes or fluctuate depending on the being's favor with their patron and temporary grants or limitation of divinity. This makes ectodivinics highly variable in terms of celestial power or hierarchy.


Disciples are mortals which have been imbued with a shard of their patron's divinity. This provides them with a constant source of divine power. Because the divinity is supplied directly, it provides the acolyte with more power than being hallowed. Once the shard has been supplied to an acolyte, the patron cannot revoke the pact. The only way for the patron to regain the power is for the disciple to willingly release the shard. Because the disciple draws from a fraction of their patron's strength, their power is directly tied to the present strength of their patron.

The Hallowed

The Hallowed are higher creatures which have been allowed to draw divine power from their patron. This connection is actively maintained by the patron and will vary in strength depending on the patron's whims. For this reason, The Hallowed have a much more variable strength level than disciples, and this strength is tied more directly with the patron's opinion of the acolyte than the patron's full power. Notable members of The Hallowed are Clerics and Paladins.