A deity or autodivinic is a being with innate celestial power. They form the basis of religion. While autodivinics do have innate power, some lesser deities become patrons of more powerful deities to increase their strength. A deity with no patron is said to be 'exalted'. Deities supply ectodivinics with their divine power. All deities' power originates from Gax, the primeval spirit that crafted the planets and stars in the Creation Story.

Types of deities


Elandra is the remnants of Gax's consciousness that emerged from its corporeal form after it was slain by the titans.


A titan is the most powerful of the living autodivinics. There are three titans: Paeloth, Ket, and Razell. Birthed by Gax after the creation of Rynoth, they were formed from Gax's different views on how to lead the plane to act as advisors. The titans are sometimes considered to be their own entities, other times they are seen as the trinity of their vassals. Because of this, each is considered genderless and referred to as "they". Titans, like their vassals, are fractured elements of the planar consciousness and are thus bound to the plane. This is in contrast to the objects within the plane, which were crafted of material brought from the elemental planes through portals.


A vassal is a fractured element of a titan which represents a subset of that's titan's desires. As pieces of their personality, vassals consume an overwhelming majority of a titan's divinity. Because of this, they are the primary source of patronage rather than directly from the titan themself. Each titan has three vassals:





A god is a creature which serves as the interface between the mortal and celestial planes. Each is ascended by another deity, typically at the time of the creature's death, to serve as an acolyte.