Estarian War

The Estarian War was a conflict between Pencasca and the Uloth Empire. Fighting took place in Ohn, what is now present day Tapel and South Corrath, and lasted between 4301 and 4306 SE. It resulted in the bankruptcy of the Pencascan government, the creation of Tapel, and the decline and eventual breakup of the Uloth Empire.


Marriage of Leon IV and Marigold I

In 4280 SE, Prince Leon IV of Halnest married Princess Marigold I of Ohn, joining the royal families. The two countries were officially united with the signing of the Treaty of Kath in 4281 SE, bringing Ohn under the control of the Uloth Empire.

Death of Dutchess Marigold

The couple initially had trouble conceiving, but in 4283 SE, three years after their marriage, Marigold became pregnant with their first child. However, the birth was premature and both Marigold and the child died in labor. Ohn's mourning was quickly replaced with civil unrest. Many blamed her death on the prince's "inferior genes". Having lost a member of their royal family and having no connection to their current ruler, the people of Ohn began resisting the authority of Halnest and Uloth.

Interference by Pencasca

At the time, Pencasa was in desperate need of timber resources to fuel their railroad and growing industrial districts. Having stripped most of their forests, they sought to use the civil unrest in Ohn to their advantage. They began covertly spreading secessionist propaganda in the area and providing support for Dreynach Pitt, Marigold's cousin and the closest living relative to the royal family. In the fall months of 4283 SE, civil unrest grew rapidly and Dreynach became the champion of the movement. A local militia was formed, a dissolution of the Treat of Halnest was drafted, and a date for the first demonstration was organized.

Assassination of Dreynach Pitt

Six days before the scheduled demonstration, Dreynach Pitt was found dead in his chambers. It was suspected that a Halnestian assassin was responsible. Public outrage exploded, but without a leader to channel their energy into decisive acts, nothing substantive came of their protest. Fearing fervor would begin to decline, Pencasca quickly declared a war of liberation against Uloth and invaded Halnest.

Invasion of Halnest