Three Eras

According to the Creation Story, the Three Eras is a belief that the world will experience three cycles of prosperity followed by decay, known as a "Great Dark". After the third cycle, the plane will grow permanently dark and all life will perish. According to this theology, Rynoth is currently in its second era.


The material plane was said to be cursed to a finite existence by Gax, the consciousness which created the world, as a final act as it was slain by the titans. According to the story, Gax saw the titans approaching and closed the elemental portals which it had used to create the plane. By closing the system, it gave the plane a finite lifespan before it withers. Elandra, the spirit which formed from from Gax's shattered consciousness warned that the plane will have three eras of prosperity before its flame finally dies out.

First Era (FE)

The First Era began with the formation of the Twelve Kingdoms. It lasted approximately seven millennia from the birth of higher life to The Serenian War.

Notable Events

First Great Dark

The first Great Dark began with the Serenian War. Its official length is unknown, with scholars from the Second Era presenting evidence for it lasting anywhere between 500 and 2000 years. Towards the end of the Great Dark, several primeval cultures began to form around the world, such as the Polarah and Celic Ovaron.

Second Era (SE)

The Second Era was the first rebirth of Rynoth after a Great Dark, beginning with the rise of the Kyrinthean Empire.

Notable Events

Third Era (TE)

The Third Era will be the final era of Rynoth, and after its completion life on the plane will fade into darkness.