Firefrost Caldera

Firefrost Caldera is an active volcanic caldera in Niera. It's soil contains a high volume of zentora crystals, causing the region to be prone to frequent and dramatic temperature fluctuations.

Temperature shifts

When seismic activity occurs, the shifting of the ground moves the zentora crystals in the soil, producing temperature spikes as large as 100°F. These shifts are unpredictable, but they occur on a semi-regular timetable. Cold or hot spots will be found at all times throughout the area. Smaller shifts (+/- 20-40°F) occur every few hours. Large shifts (+/- 40-60°F) occur once a week. Massive shifts (+/- 80°F or greater) occur on average every 10 months. Temperatures have been recorded as high as 200°F and as low as -75°F.


The caldera is approximately 20 miles by 15 miles in size. It's eastern ridge is more prominent, with the western ridge having largely been eroded. The area has many lakes and rivers. The largest lake is Ashland Lake, located at the base of the eastern ridge.


Because of the lethal temperature spikes, the area is uninhabitable to most animals. Temperature resistant vegetation has grown in, many of which are unique to the region. No trees or large plants have appeared, but small shrubs are common. They tend to have leathery, hearty leaves and thick bark. Forest fires are common, but then tend not to spread far because the plants are not flammable enough or densely packed.