Niera is the smallest and least populous continent on Rynoth. It is located in the northern hemisphere and bounded by the Selianis Ocean on the left and the Veranis Ocean on the right.


Niera is an oblong continent with two large peninsulas, the Ecian Peninsula in the north and the Cariside Peninsula to the east, as well as several smaller peninsulas such as the Minian Peninsula on the north coast and the Yorince Peninsula on the west.


Niera contains several distinct geographic and cultural regions.

Island chains

Niera has several island chains whose resident nations play a significant role in its politics and economy.



The largest population centers in Niera in order by permanent residents are West Ottam, Silfnorr, Tessendra, Tygoth, Achoron, and Mekuna.



Niera was known to northern scholars as South Wollus, but that name has fallen out of use in favor of the local name.

Points of Interest