Orcish Nationalist Movement

The Orcish Nationalist Movement is a cultural-political movement aimed at protecting the orcish people by establishing a nation-state. The movement has seen fragmentation in the middle of the fifth millennium SE with the formation of the Iktan and the Antrexis War, which ultimately led to the establishment of Kagund and the rise of Unitarianism.



The Soli were a group of political activists throughout the early fifth century which urged orcs to leave their lands behind and form a new nation-state. Many attempts were made across the years at establishing such a nation, but none experienced the mass immigration necessary to consolidate orcish power and culture. The largest remaining settlement is Pumruk, a 35 km^2 village in the Blueleaf Forest.


The Iktan were a radical militia formed in the 4100s aimed at establishing a nation for the orcs free from persecution. Unlike the Soli, the Iktan believed that this land must be taken by force, as the orcish were too proud to claim remote, desolate scraps of land.


Unitarians believe in integration and enfranchisement of the orcish people within existing states. They attempt to work with governments and cultural leaders to raise awareness for the orcish plight, bolster sympathy, and establish parity for orcish citizens. Unitarians are often critical of Kagund, believing its violent history only serves to reinforce the negative beliefs of orcish behavior. Some also say that Kagund serves as too dominant a voice for the orcish people.