Samantha Holt

Samantha Malarius Holt (born Corhut 5, 3210; disappeared Vengar 12, 3383), also known as The Voidseeker and Worldriver, was a human ueniologist and tenth level wizard.

Personal History

After experimenting with a technique to merge magical power with a living creature's nervous system, a run away effect caused her to amass near limitless power. Trained in the school of evocation, Samantha could manipulate the energy around her at will, including storing it within her. It also elevated her consciousness, giving her insights into magic and the fabric of the universe. The enormity of this revelation broke her mind and she became deranged.

In the thrall of psychosis, she attacked a local village. After killing dozens of innocent people, she reclaimed her sanity long enough to put up a mental barrier to this expansion of her consciousness and she recovered. She fled the village and hid in her lab, where she dared not leave. For over one hundred years, she studied in isolation, enhancing her abilities. As she grew in strength, her body degraded. She began manipulating the kinetic energy of her limbs rather than using her muscles. She never ate or drank, fueling her organs off of energy she had collected. It was during this period that she took on the form of The Voidseeker.

In Resdel 3383, a crew of dungeon delvers entered her lab—believing it to be abandoned—in search of magical artifacts. She fought them off, but they spread the word of her lab to others. Over several months, more teams of adventurers appeared to challenge Samantha, each stronger than the last. With powers akin to a god, she had no trouble fending them off, but the stories of their repeated failures created a mythos in the surrounding nations.

Eventually, she became so feared that multiple kings raised their armies and stormed her lab. All of them were destroyed mercilessly. She stole the heat from men's bodies, freezing them alive. She took that heat energy, converted it into electricity, and electrocuted others. As battle mages cast spells at her, she absorbed their energy and used it to hurl bolts of fire at siege weapons. Some armies retreated. Others were leveled in minutes.



Coming from a family of little wealth, no portraits of Samantha Holt exist. All that remains are records indicating that she was a human woman, one quarter gnome on her father's side. She stood 165 cm tall and had olive skin. Nothing else is known.


After decades spent storing the immense energy reserve, her body shriveled into a crystalline husk. This form was wreathed in shadow as she passively absorbed all light energy near her. No measurements of this form were taken, but reports vary she stood between 150 and 250 cm tall, so it is possible she altered her form during fights to invoke fear.