Ue (pronounced: yew) is a universal force which permeates the multiverse and regulates time, space, and matter.


Warping of the ue field can alter the properties of spacetime. These fluctuations are created by "magic", a force which interacts with the ue field. Magical forces can be produced by objects or living creatures. Creatures attuned to ue manipulation can alter physics, create or destroy matter, change the flow of time, and more. The stronger the magical force, the greater the warping of the ue field, the stronger the effect.


Magical force has a polarity. Its effect on the ue field is proportional to the dot product of the force's polarity vector and the polarity of the ue field. In its reseting state, the ue field is unpolarized and will align itself with any magical field present.


Not much is understood about ue, though research is progressing at an accelerating rate as well-funded governments and research institutes have begun investing considerable time and effort into experiments.


Conductors allow magical energy to flow between objects and people. They are highly desired for magical items as they provide a strong connection between the object and the user.

Great conductors

Mild conductors


The most consistent trait of magical insulation is its correlation with high electrical conductivity, though some electrical insulators are magical insulators as well.

Great insulators

Mild insulators


Ueniology is the study of ue and its manipulation.

Notable Ueniologists