Silfnorr is the second largest city in Niera by permanent population. It is located in the southwest region of the continent on the border between Kylath and Drokany.


Silfnorr emerged as a trading settlement in the 36th century at the intersection between the Gulf Road and a local trade route.


Silfnorr is located on the crossroads of the Gulf Road and the Stonewood Trail, the two largest trading routes in Niera. These trade routes divide the city into four districts, designated by their cardinal locations

West District

West District is the largest district in Silfnorr by official area. It functions as the residential and commercial area for the city's citizens.

North District

While some residential and government buildings exist within the boundaries of North District, the area is dominated by the Silfnorr Market, a vast open air marketplace run by the Merchant Guild.

East District

East District is the smallest of the districts and is zoned exclusively for government and religious use. It is the location of the city's courthouse, the legislature, and

South District

South District is the second smallest of the districts per city limits, however the area of residency extends well beyond the official southern boundary. If the entire occupied area enclosed by the trade routes is included, South District


Silfnorr's North District is the largest marketplace in the world by area and the public monetary volume. This makes it the economic capital for the region for merchants and craftsmen.

Government and politics

Silfnorr exists outside the borders of any other territory and as such is a sovereign political state. It is a council-manager form government in which the city council, the Board of Elderon, performs legislative


Silfnorr is the second most populous city in Niera behind West Ottam, but because its markets attract a large volume of migrant workers and merchants its average occupancy is the highest in the world.