The Annihilations

During The War of Light, the Republic of Ordin performed four attacks against the Lovlinian cities of Kreland, Juvoth, Frita, and Arginbury. Conducted between Coratt of 4596 and Romal of 4597, these attacks resulted in severe damage to Arginbury and the complete destruction of the other three. All four of these attacks were conducted using transducer bombs and a strike force of mages. The attacks ended on the Romal 6th, 4597, when a bomb overloaded and killed the mages using it. The blast severely damaged Arginbury, but it remains standing.

The Annihilations remain a complicating matter in political negotiations. Many believe the attacks to be gross overstepping of boundaries in civilized warfare, while others (including Ordin) argue that it was a necessary measure to protect themselves from the much larger Lovlinia.


Kreland was the first city destroyed. It was attacked at 02:13 on the 8th of Coratt, 4596.