The Seven Wars

The Seven Wars were a series of conflicts in the Etrusian Sea Region lasting from 4364 to 4607 SE. Despite its name, more than a dozen armed conflicts are included within this time. The wars were fought in two waves with a 43 year period of relative peace known as The White Years between 4474 and 4517.

Overall, the wars taxed the region tremendously in terms of manpower, money, and natural resources. Infrastructure was crippled, crime increased, and prosperity floundered. The primary cause for The White Years was war exhaustion, with all nations in the region taking time for reconstruction and economic recovery. The introduction of the Southern League at the end of the War of Light was an attempt to stabilize the region and bring an end to two and a half centuries of fighting.

The Iron Wars

The first wave of wars were named "The Iron Wars". The name predates the Etrusian War and it is unclear why or how it came into use.

Etrusian War (4364-4379)

The War of Mages (4385-4388)

The War of Fire (4387-4412)

Eastern War (4423-4441)

Coron War (4449-4474)

The White Years (4474-4517)

The White Years was an extended interwar period between The Iron Wars and The Silver Wars.

The Silver Wars

The second series of wars were named the "Silver Wars" as a play on the "Iron Wars" on account of their increased focus on economic disruption through trade route plundering and frequent raids on trading ports of little strategic importance.

Kasevadrid War (4517-4534)

The Kasevadrid War brought the end to the White Years when The Coron Federation declared war on Pymeroth and sieged Drymoor.

The Sky Wars (4530-4543)

This war saw the first serious use of manned aerial vehicles in battle.

The Fifth War (4552-4576)

The name for the war comes from Stilleron, as this with the fifth of these wars in which they were a part. It is from this starting point for counting that The Seven Wars get their name.

The Summer War (4587)

The War of Light (4593-4607)

This was the last of The Seven Wars, ending in 4607 with the signing of the Treaty of Achoron. It ended after General Tyson's forces were defeated at the Battle of Scarlet River. It was also the bloodiest of the wars by far, killing an estimated 20% of the population for participating nations. This was in part due the use of transducer bombs in The Annihilations.

Treaty of Achoron

The Treaty of Achoron ended The War of Light, beginning a period of peace which has lasted until this day. The treaty was signed on Gar 40th, 4607, in Achoron's Political Cathedral. It is unclear to most nations whether this is a permanent peace or just another interwar period.