Elandra is the highest deity of the material plane. According to the Creation Story, she was formed from Gax's consciousness when its corporeal form was destroyed by the titans. She contains the elements of Gax's personality which were not infused into the titans. Lacking Paeloth's compassion, Ket's drive, or Razell's fury, she retained only a desire for balance and sense of humor. She is mostly noninterventionist in the affairs of the titans or mortals, preferring to let fate run its course. She has been known to interfere on occasion to correct an imbalance or play games for her amusement, giving her a reputation as the force of karma or luck. Though she has never ascended a god, she has been known to shine favorably on a handful of mortals and use her power for their benefit.

Elandra has no physical form, being an omnipresent spirit which permeates the plane, similar to Gax. She sometimes reveals herself to mortals through visions, taking any of several forms. The form most often depicted is a fair skinned woman with red hair, but she rarely choses this form, representing herself instead as a fox, elaborate celestial clockwork mechanism, or black rose.

The Tychamia

There have been several mortals over the years to have taken Elandra as their patron. Known as The Tychamia, her followers do not possess the same divine powers as disciples of the titans. They cannot exercise their power by casting spells or performing rituals. Instead, Elandra provides to them as she sees fit, performing acts in times of great need. This includes teleporting them away from a battle as they are