Ovaren Revolutions

The Ovaren Revolutions were multiple waves of revolutions occurring between 2445 and 2522 SE leading to the collapse of the United Ovaren Empire and the creation of several independent states.


Craftsman's Rebellion

The Craftsman's Rebellion was the first wave of revolution in Ovaron. It is sometimes considered a separate event from later movements, but most historians consider it the starting point as its success served as the rallying point for many revolutionaries of the following conflicts. It lasted from 2445 to 2453, ending with the Treaty of Resacorallis which established Sagvelt as an independent state.

The Garaton Revolution

The Garaton Revolution was a revolutionary war lasting between 2489 and 2496 during which Garaton ceded from Ovaron and then invaded, capturing Ovaron's other territories into the newly created empire. This lasted until 2496 when Garaton's king was killed at the Battle of and the empire broke apart, leaving the conquered territories as independent states. Several rejoined Ovaron only to be broken up again when Ovaron fell almost twenty years later.

The Black Wave

The Black Wave was the third, final, and largest period of revolt, lasting from 2505 until Ovaron's collapse in 2522. It saw the dissolution of the High Council and the breakup of all remaining Ovaren territory.