Sons of Maseron

The Sons of Maseron originally refered to the entities which formed after the dissolution of the Republic of Maseron in 3382 SE, though in modern use it refers to the three city states—Pasheron, Hoceron, and Stegeron—which survived for hundreds of years longer than the rest.

For centuries, these city states shared a cultural and economic bond, engaging in a strong diplomatic alliance. This bond was broken in 4552 out the outbreak of The Fifth War, when Pasheron left the Vitruvian Alliance and joined the Southern Alliance due to fear of invasion from Stilleron to the north. Hoceron and Stegeron were in no position to switch, given the armies of Saru and Torribach to their south.

Hoceron was captured by Omaron in Halkilam of 4604, and Stegeron fell to Stilleron one month later. Pasheron remains as the only surviving Son of Maseron.