Basson Mountains

The Basson Mountains are a mountain range in the Etrusian Sea Region of Niera. It has three subregions: the Yellow Mountains in the northwest, the Polarsh Mountains in the west, and the Fallenrock Mountains in the east. Its tallest peaks are Mount Zalion and Mount Yeldic, which together form the "Stone Sisters". It forms the southern and eastern boundary of the Faradach Basin. The mountains formed when the Silic subcontinent broke away from Tretnor and traveled north, colliding with the southern coast of Niera.


Yellow Mountains

The Yellow Mountains are the northwestern protrusion of the range, starting from Mount Zalion and Mount Yeldic. Their name comes from the trees which cover their western face and turn bright yellow or orange during fall.

Polarsh Mountains

The Polarsh Mountains are the western arm of the range, starting at Inildria Valley and continuing to the west coast of Niera. Their name comes from the Polarah, a tribe of humans which lived in the mountains during the first millennium SE.

Fallenrock Mountains

The Fallenrock Mountains are the eastern arm of the range, starting at Inildria Valley and ending at the Etrusian Sea. The name comes from the fjords within the region, which tend to drop boulders into Jaricova Sound.

Inildria Valley

Inildria Valley is a short valley running north to south. Naru Lake lies at its center.

Notable peaks

The Stone Sisters

The Stone Sisters are a pair of mountains, Mount Zalion and Mount Yeldic, which together both divide the Yellow region from the Polarsh region and are its tallest mountains. Mount Zalion is the taller of the two.

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