Mycorath the Wise (c. 1395 - 2045) was an elven alchemist and tenth level wizard.

Mycorath's Tower

Mycorath's Tower is an abandoned wizard's tower built by Mycorath. While the exact date of its construction is unknown, it is believed to been built in the late first millenium SE. It lies in a barren wasteland in northern Niera. While the tower originally stood as the entrance to an underground cavern, the magically suspended cavern roof has since broken apart and worn away, leaving a 400 meter wide and 150 meter deep hole in the ground. The tower remains, resting atop a large column of stone at the center of the pit. Remnants of the cavern roof remain, with flat boulders ranging in size from an apple to several hundred meters square floating above the pit at ground level, the levitation magic still in effect. Attempts to dispel the magic by curious scholars have been wholly unsuccessful. At the bottom of the cavern, amongst the dirt and debris which have collected over time, lie the remnants of Mycorath's Workshop. Most adventurers believe the workshop to have been looted of any valuable items centuries ago.